Car Audio Bargain Amplifiers

Elite Sound at Affordable Prices

When it comes to car audio from Audio APEX, one name stands out among the rest — Car Audio Bargain (CAB). Our in-house brand is dedicated to delivering dynamic sound and elite audio performance without breaking the bank. With our range of amplifiers, including monoblock, 4-channel, and 5-channel options, paired with wattage ranging from 1000 to 4500 watts, you can expect nothing less than an exhilarating audio experience. Whether you're a car audio enthusiast or just looking to upgrade your system, shop from our selection of CAB amplifiers below to elevate your journey.

Monoblock Amplifiers


Experience unmatched power and precision with our Monoblock amplifiers. Designed for driving subwoofers and delivering deep bass, these amplifiers are available in various power options, refurbished or new, to suit your specific needs. From the compact and agile 1000-watt monoblock to the mighty 4500-watt beast, our Monoblock amplifiers are engineered to deliver thundering bass and an exceptional performance every time.

4-Channel Amplifiers

If you're seeking versatility along with high-quality audio performance, our 4-channel amplifiers are the ideal choice. These amplifiers are designed to power your car speakers and provide a rich, balanced soundstage. Available new or refurbished with  1000 watts of power, you can be confident that CAB 4-channel amplifiers will bring your music to life, delivering crystal-clear highs and immersive midrange.


5-Channel Amplifiers

When it comes to the ultimate car audio experience, our CAB 5-channel amplifier is the pinnacle of power and performance. Offering flexibility and convenience, this amplifier is engineered to power your entire audio system, including speakers and subwoofers. Our 1600-watt CAB-M165 5-Channel Car Amplifier is the perfect match for your setup, ensuring an immersive and harmonious sound experience.

New and Refurbished Equipment

At Audio APEX, we believe that high-quality audio should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer both new and refurbished CAB amplifiers, allowing you to get top-notch performance without the premium price tag. Our refurbished equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection, ensuring that you receive a reliable and exceptional amplifier at a fraction of the cost.


Upgrade your car audio system with Car Audio Bargain amplifiers from Audio APEX and experience the pinnacle of sound performance and affordability. From the thunderous low-end power of our Monoblock amplifiers to the immersive clarity of our 4 and 5-channel options, we have the perfect amplifier for every audio enthusiast. If you have any questions, call our store today. Choose CAB and unleash the power of elite sound without compromise.