Sundown Power Sports 2 PSE-6.5 6.5" Subwoofers & 1 SAM-600.1 Combo Deal

Sundown Power Sports
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2 x PSE-6.5 6.5" 250W Subwoofers
1 x SAM-600D 600w Class D Micro Amplifier

PSE-6.5 6.5" 250W Subwoofers Information:

Freq. range 20hz-150hz
FS 52hz
Xmax 12mm
250W RMS
Mounting Depth 4.5”
Cut out 6”

SAM-600.1 Information:

Our SAMv.2 amplifiers are ideal for all your powersports needs. It is a micro amplifier to fit in tight spaces but don’t let its size fool you, they pack some big power. It is rated IP67 waterproof to withstand full submersion when getting wild off-road or when its time to clean up when the fun is done. The multi-channel amps have built in Bluetooth so a source unit is not needed just sync to your phone and enjoy. When your ready to get serious and add subwoofers the mono-block amplifiers link right to your multi-channel RCA for an easy install.