1 x Sundown U 10" D2 Subwoofer & 1 CAB-22 Amplifier

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This Package Contains 1 Sundown U 10" D2 Subwoofer & a CAB-22 Amplifier


  • Features

    • Black Aluminum 3” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation
    • High Temperature Round-Wire CCAW voice coil with high-temp black adhesive
    • Double stitched surround
    • Heavy duty cast basket
    • Spring loaded terminals accept up to 8 gauge
    • Stitched-on double-XL tinsel leads
    • Rear vented pole piece
    • Rear drilled gap-venting
    • Innovative high-velocity cast aluminum vented frame spacer ring
    • Magnet ID shorting ring
    • Top-Plate Cooling Channels
    • Cast Aluminum surround bolt-on rings
    • Optimized for small ported or bandpass enclosures

    U 10"

    T/S SPECSU 10" D2U 10" D4
    RE (Ohms) 3.8 6.1
    FS (Hz) 48.5 41.1
    VAS (L) 8.3 11.5
    Qes 0.35 0.39
    Qms 3.20 3.21
    Qts 0.32 0.35
    Le (mH) 2.56 3.71
    BL (NA) 26.8 29.7
    Mms (Grams) 216.3 219.7
    Cms (uM/N) 0.05 0.07
    Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 86.2db 84.9db

Audio Apex CAB-22 Amplifier

CAB-22 Amplifier 

The CAB-22 amplifier is one of the BEST bang for the buck in car audio right now. The CAB-22 is a half bridge designed monoblock class D amplifier is strappable and capable of making 2200 watts RMS @1 ohm. The CAB-22 also comes with a bass knob which features a clip light.

Be sure to check out the video below, in the amp test done by Sundown Audio Unofficial. The CAB-22 put out over 2300 watts RMS at 1 ohm on the amp dyno. T (4400w at 1 ch at 2 ohms for two strapped)

Operational Voltage: 9.0v -16.0v

Power: 2200w RMS @ 1 ohm at 14.4v

Power: 1500w RMS @ 2 ohm at 14.4v

Power: 900w RMS @ 4 ohm at 14.4v

Frequency Response: 17Hz-180Hz (-3dB)

Signal Noise Ratio: 90dB

Input Sensitivity: 20,000 Ohms

Input Sensitivity: 100MV-6V

T.H.D. : <0.05%

Bass Frequency: 30Hz-80Hz

Low Pass Frequency: 40Hz-80Hz

Subsonic: OFF-50Hz

Bass Boost: 0-12dB